St Radegund Cricket Club

founded 1992

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            The St Radegund cricket team comprises regulars of the St Radegund public house on King Street, Cambridge. It aims to play social cricket against like-minded teams in the immediate area and, often, from further afield. It has also been known to undertake the occasional over-ambitious cricket tour.

            The team was founded by legendary Cambridge landlord Terry 'Bunter' Kavanagh in 1992, in response to a challenge from rival King Street pub the Champion of the Thames. Into that first team - made up of (in Bunter's words) "old codgers and bar room sweepings" - he attempted to instill the virtues of playing the game "in the right spirit". Succeeding generations of Rad cricketers have tried hard to live up to that ideal, and there is perhaps no better indicator of a social cricket team than one that would rather sledge its own players before it would the opposition. To sum up: we like to have fun playing cricket. And drink lots of beer. We often manage successfully to combine the two.

            In 2007 it was noted that the pub's (and cricket club's) arms (above) are not those of the Saint herself, but those of the Austrian municipality Sankt Radegund bei Graz, though after such a long time nobody is particularly bothered about changing them. In 2010 the mayor of Sankt Radegund, Alfred Mailänder, made a surprise visit to the St Radegund pub to see what the fuss was about and to discuss the small matter of copyright infringement. He was given a warm welcome and departed in good spirits.

            The St Radegund cricket team's unofficial motto, Fimum Non Poliendum Est, was chanced upon by Chris Metcalfe after he was inspired by a remarkably good batting performance by John Aspden in 2010. Charlie Farquharson-Roberts kindly provided an elegant Latin translation.


St Radegund public house, 129 King Street. Cambridge CB1 1LD. Tel: 01223 311794